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Let us help you achieve your best


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Indulge in the floating experience


Physiotherapy and Osteopathy practice in Frankston

Our team at Beach street Spinal + Pilates have been proudly providing quality Physio, Osteo and healthcare services to the Frankston area since 2017

In our practice, we understand that everyone is different and everyone’s condition is and behaves differently. Keeping this in mind, has been key to lead us to the experience that we provide in our clinic. The experience we provide is specific to the individual and not a one size fits all approach. Our patients are provided Physiotherapy intervention based on their unique needs, characteristics and behaviours to provide tailored health care solutions which address cause issues.

The advice we give, the therapies and exercises we often prescribe are evidence based and according to best Physiotherapy practices. This way we can nurture improvement and avoid detriment to the healing process in a safe and sure manner.

When you book an appointment with us, it’s our priority that you are our priority. We really emphasise the consultation is the client’s time. That’s right, our time is your time! We want our patients to come back and see us because they’re confident our treatment is working toward achieving their goal. It’s our quality of treatment which defines our success.

We are accessible via public transport, a short walk from Frankston train station and have ample onsite parking for your convenience.

Who can access our Physio and Osteo Services?

Our Physiotherapy services in Frankston can be accessed by anyone. You don’t need a referral from a doctor to see a Physiotherapist. However, we are more than happy to accept GP or other professional referrals to work as part of a team to help you get the most out of our services.

Whether you have private health cover or not, have had a work place injury (Worksafe) or a motor vehicle incident (TAC) our services are accessible and will require payment on the day of service. Rebates may be available on the day of service, check with our Admin team to confirm.

Worksafe, TAC and other compensable issues

At Beach Street Spinal + Pilates, we offer Physiotherapy to patients that have had either work place or road accidents leading to injuries. These injuries can be supported under liability of insurance agents such as Worksafe or the TAC (Traffic and accident commission) in Victoria. We are happy to assist patients who are seeking rehabilitation services funded under these agencies. Typically, patients will require pre-approval of liability from these agencies prior to commencing Physiotherapy services.

Chronic disease management (Previously EPC through Medicare)

This program allows GPs to plan and coordinate the health of patients with chronic conditions. Whether your are eligible for this program is at the clinical judgement of your GP taking into account the patient’s medical condition and care needs, as well as the general guidance set out in the MBS. Medicare will subsidise 5 allied health sessions per calendar year.

We are very happy to accept referrals from your GP for assistance with your condition. Some patients are eligible for funding through Medicare for Physiotherapy and other allied health services. Contact our administrators to find out more on (03)97831715.

DVA - Veterans

As per the Department of Veteran’s affairs (DVA) website dva.gov.au, Physiotherapy aims to reduce pain and stiffness, increase mobility and prevent further injury. We provide Physiotherapy services for Veterans with accepted service-related conditions. The Veteran will need to provide us a referral from your GP relating to the treatment cycle (12 sessions per year). The DVA note that there are no limits to the treatment cycles that the veteran can have. These treatment cycles don’t apply to those wanting Physiotherapy and have a totally permanent incapacitated (TPI) Gold card, however we will still require the referral from the GP.


We are so happy to be able to provide Physiotherapy services to our local patients that have special requirements. We are able to accept patients funded through NDIS that are self managed or plan managed. Unfortunately, we cannot accept patients who are agency

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